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Weekend Gateway: 5 Amazing Things You Can Do In Sai Resort

If you are going to spend your vacation in a place where you can enjoy the view of nature around you without going out of your budget, then you should consider choosing Dandeli as your vacation destination. This is a place where you can easily find numerous attractive things to see and there is no end to the list of places to visit for foreign travelers. If you have an interest in sightseeing and natural area exploration then this might be one of the best vacation destinations for you.

There are several things that you can do in Dandeli. However, before you start making your To Do List, make sure that you book Resorts near Ankola so that you can enjoy the convenient stay and worry-free traveling experience during your vacation time. This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind because choosing accommodation that is too far from the destination will make traveling tiring and troublesome for you and it will take away the fun of exploration from your vacation.

After choosing right Resorts near Dandeli, it is time for you to choose the best things that you can do during your vacation. So, below are the five most amazing things that you can do during your vacation which will make you feel like you made the best choice by selecting Dandeli as your vacation destination.

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  1. Water Sports: Do you like water sports? Well, if you do then this place is heaven for you. There are numerous water sports that you can enjoy here. For example, you can enjoy River crossing or Water Scooter Ride and White Water Rafting. Whitewater rafting Dandeli is one of the most popular sports among foreign travelers.
  2. Fun Rides: If you like to play ride games then this is a place where you will get numerous choices. You can choose the best ride among Coracle ride, Banana Boat Ride, Boat ride, Speed Boat Rides, Bumper Rides and Bamboo Raft ride etc.
  3. Camping: If you like camping in the jungle area then you can enjoy overnight camp with the Campfire Buffet Dinner.
  4. Music and Entertainment: If you like entertainment then you can choose Musical Rain Dance and Rappelling. This is a custom activity that can be as per your preferences which ensures that you will get complete fun and pleasure in it.
  5. Sports Activities: There are other sports activities such as Croco Trek, Kayaking, Angling, Rock Climbing, Maskatti Rock Formations Trekking, River Crossing, and Waterfalls Sight Seeing. You can also add Yana Rock Formations, Sunset point and Kavdikeri Lake temple in your list.
Updated: April 3, 2018 — 11:20 am
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