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Water sports in Dandeli

     Kali river originates near a small village named Diggi,  flows about 184 kilometers before joining the Arabian Sea. It is serving lives of about four lakh people in Uttara Kannada. Provides sources of livelihood for thousands of fisherman on the coast of Karwar. Electricity is generated from the innumerable dams constructed across this river.

     Dandeli is fortunate to have the river flow across it. With its biodiversity and natural habitat, the place attracted enormous tourists across the globe. And so is the support to the huge number of resorts in Dandeli. Shree Sai Resort in Dandeli takes extreme pride in hosting all the water sports available in the beautiful city of Dandeli.

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     A group of people can drench and have a gala time together through the wonderful Banana ride and Bamboo Raft Ride. With well crafted and explicitly designed vehicle not only ensure safety while moving in deep waters but also ensure ample thrill to be given to each of the tourists. The huge flow of water has an adrenaline rush in you when you enjoy Jacuzzi and water scooter. Known for aiding crystal clear water all the hygiene issues are well sorted.

     Tried boating all by yourself anytime?? Grab the opportunity. At our resort, we offer a small narrow watercraft and double-padded paddle to row your boat all by yourself. While our adept trainers guide you through the process of rowing in the water, there are ample safeguards spread all over the river for your protection.

     Introduce yourself to a new trait of hanging down over a rope to reach the other end of the river. The river crossing is an exhilarating sport which practiced is an awesome immortal experience. With all the right safety and required equipment,  you cross a bridge sliding over clasping the rope tied at either end of the river.

     All the above-mentioned sports are restricted only to elders. But one water sport, which even the kids can join and enjoy with you is monsoon rafting. Group of tourists can raft in deep water in a  wide boat with ample seating arrangement which is extremely safe for kids. It is driven by professional sailors. A couple of oars are shared with the tourists in the boat to let them relish the personal experience of rowing a boat. Live vest, of all sizes, are available on the banks of a river. It is very important to have it worn by every individual before getting into any water sport.

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