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Attractive Destinations in Karnataka

Karnataka is one of the top tourist destinations in India as well as in the world. The visitors of this place can enjoy the diversity in various perspectives like culinary, attire, pilgrimage, mountains, fruits, flora and fauna, and much other stuff.

Are you eager to visit the excellent locations..!? Yes, I mention those places. Come on…! Let us explore…


Do you have a desire to enjoy the aroma of the Arabica coffee beans? Because this place is popular for the production of coffee. Coorg is generally called the “Scotland of India” and it attracts every tourist with greenery plantations, mountains, and waterfalls.

This is an optimal place for trekking and there are many fascinating places to visit like Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Bylakuppe, the second largest Tibetan settlement in India, Dubare Elephant Camp and Nagarhole National Park.


The first expression when you witness this location will be “HURRAY”. Meanwhile, this is one of the famous places in Karnataka and locally it is called Gerusoppa falls, Gersoppa Falls, and Jogada Gundi. This is one of the second-highest waterfalls in India.     

Jog fall is formed by the cascade of the Sharavathi river. The nearby tourist destinations from this location are Linganamakki Dam across Sharavathi River, Tunga Anicut Dam, Thavare Koppa Lion & Tiger Reserve.    


This is the best tourist place in Karnataka that attracts many tourists which are located at the bank of the river. It is located at the border of Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Bandipur Forest, and Nagarhole National Park. Kabini provides a good experience to enjoy wildlife.

If you are lucky while exploring you can witness the tiger, leopards, elephants, different breeds of deers, and native birds. The best places to visit around these locations are Nagarhole National park, Kabini River, exploring coffee and spice plantations.


If you are visiting this place then you cannot escape from looking at the rich forest area. It is regarded as the cultural capital of Karnataka. Besides, this place has rich fertile agricultural land, mesmerizing waterfalls, and greenery forest.

Different valleys have carved out from the rivers like Tungabhadra, Sharavathi, Varada, and Kumadvathi. Famous destinations around this location are Shivappa Nayaka Summer Palace, Kote Seeta-Rama Temple, Sacred Heart Cathedral, and Tyavarekoppa Lion Safari.


This is the best place to enjoy the beach and nightlife. Do you like to visit peaceful places..? Then I feel that it is a good option to visit Gokarna. It is a significant place for the Hindu pilgrims because many of the ancient temples are located in this place.

People from different places visit this place to enjoy the local cuisine. The best locations to visit near to this location are Mahabaleshwar Temple, Maha Ganapati Temple, Om Beach. Meanwhile, this place is famous for enjoying water sports. 


Karnataka is the land of tourist destinations that have different tourist places like a pilgrim, seashore, historical monuments, and many others. You can even enjoy the resort life in Karnataka and there are Best Resorts In Karnataka to enjoy.

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